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The Parish Community of St. Joseph: From... This Week in Prayer, Service & Community 

A Week of Amazing Graces – The flow of grace around here this week has been remarkable.

The Confirmation Retreat and Concert – Rea Larangeria, one of our most cherished parishioners-in-law, led a most dynamic, all-Saturday retreat for our confirmandi. The joint was jumping for much of the day as they prayed, talked, and sang with gusto. Thanks to Rea and to Bob Ferretti and the many members of the Youth Group who helped Rea.

Fr. Hank Hilton, Pastor, Parish Community of  St. Joseph, Hillsborough, NJ


The faculty and staff of our school was blessed to have Rea as our retreat leader on November 1, 2018.  Her warmth, kindness and sincerity easily allowed us to make a personal connection with her.  It is clearly evident that she possesses a deep passion for her ministry.  We were most grateful that Rea was able to integrate the philosophy and goals of our school into this retreat day. This was both thought provoking and affirming.  Rea shared her gift of music with us in a way that encouraged people to slow down, relax, reflect and pray.  

Joan Finn Connelly   Director of Mission and Ministry   Academy of the Holy Angels


In June of 2018, seventy-five members of Villa Maria Academy's Freshmen class traveled to Walt Disney World. On Day #2 of the trip the Counseling Department organized a seminar.  Rea was one of the keynote speakers.  The theme of her presentation was "Believe".  It took no more than a few strums of her guitar to get the students on their feet and feeling the energy of something special taking place.  I would describe the experience as being inspiring, informative, and interactive.  Our students came away feeling energized about their faith in a new way.  Rea's God-given talent and her faith journey connect solidly with young people who are searching for the TRUTH. We look forward to working with Rea in the future.

Domenic Zampogna
Guidance and College Counselor
Villa Maria Academy
370 Central Ave.
Malvern, PA  19355



The celebration of my Golden Jubilee liturgy was enhanced by Rea's music.  It was not a "performance" by a musician, but a faith-filled experience adding a deeper dimension to the celebration.  SMP, Villa Maria Academy, Malvern, PA



Our Youth Group, parish and entire community was blessed to have Rea and the band, 150Central, perform for us on January 7th. Rea shared her gift of music but also personal stories of how Christ has worked in her life - it was an inspiration. The music was awesome and our entire youth group spent the entire night singing along and dancing; lifting their voices as one in praise. The only disappointment is the time until we can get her back for another concert !  St. Joseph's Youth Ministry:  Hillsborough, NJ

Rea's music is uplifting and strengthens your faith while singing praise to the Almightly.  Rea is extraordinarily talented and gives her all by living a faith-filled life and sharing it with everyone she meets.  St. Joseph's Youth Ministry:  Hillsborough, NJ


Villa Maria Academy, Malvern, PA

Faculty & Staff retreat

March 31st, the day of our Faculty Retreat here at Villa Maria Academy, continues to
have a profound influence upon our Villa Maria Community.  Here are a few thoughts shared from the day by VMA faculty and staff.

“I was amazed to find how easy it was to share with my colleagues following Maria’s presentation; her gentle, simple message made us want to share with one another – and, in fact, I think we have been inspired to continue that sharing again and again.”
“Maria’s gift of music added so much to the power of her message!”
“Our Retreat morning invited me to pray in ways I had not done before.  I find I am beginning to speak to God in a much more personal way!”
“Our Retreat day left me with a feeling of peace that has taken deep root within me – thanks to Maria’s gentle words and beautiful music.”